Penis Enlargement Device FAQ

In this page, we explain about mechanical penis extenders, or sometimes are called traction devices, which are very interesting for men who looking for an effective an easy way of enlarging their penis size, both length and girth.

Penis extenders, which were invented in Europe, have been around for a few years, but suddenly they have become so popular. Just like the music groups, it takes a while to catch on and word to spread. Even if it’s a good one, there is time to make people warm up to an idea.

Using the extenders is working-out your penis. It is applying a constant tension to the penis. Your body can adapt under stress. Here is the analogy. When you’re working-out your body, your body will adapts to the lifting weights then it builds extra muscle. This also happens when you use the extender. The new cells will be made to adapt the force on the penis. Because of that, your penis will be thicker.

We offer you the extenders with manual exercises which will help the optimal enlargement. The SizeGenetics device is the only extender with combines penis enlargement extender and manual exercises into one program. By using the SizeGenetics System, you will get a lot of benefit. It includes increased blood flow, harder erections, increased testosterone and of course increased size.

The SizeGenetics extender comes with a 100 % money-back guarantee. You can try it for a full 6-month period, if you don’t get the results you want after this time you can get a full refund by returning the system.

The SizeGenetics System, as we have examined, has the same or higher quality than the expensive ones. It is composed of a plastic ring that fits against the penis, two high-grade extendable metal rods and a silicone ring that holds the glans of the penis. The extender is kept in a beautiful wooden box, including supplemental pieces, which other competitors charge extra for. The SizeGenetics system is by far the best value extender system on the market.

Most research suggests you will gain between 0.5 and 1 centimeter per month by using all kinds of high quality extenders. The SizeGenetics system is different from others. The results will be more than other systems results because it pairs the device with the enlargement exercises.


Use it correctly, follow the instruction then you can get the best results without any problem. Anything could hurt you if you use it incorrectly, but no injuries have been reported. The device is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds European Health Certification (CE).


For more information on the SizeGenetics combination extender program, come across this site:

We provide our customers with round-the-clock support. So you can ask questions, and we are happy to answer.