How To Straighten Curved Penis

We have done a research about methods of fixing  penile curvature and have found following results:

Having a curve in your erection is caused from having a weak Corpora Cavernosa which allows the shaft to bend a certain direction because of the weaker cell walls. If you want to straighten your penis naturally, you have two options:
- using the Jelq exercise
- wear a traction device regulary (recommended by doctors)

The only approved and studied method, which is used in medicine today with much success, is using a traction device.

However, jelqing exercises also strengthens your Corpora Cavernosa on both sides of your penis, and will start to form a straighter penis after several months of daily exercise.


1. Jelq exercise for a straighter penis

Though this exercise is basically the same as you have read before, there is a little “twist” you must utilize. Begin jelqing just like you have before, grasping around the base of a partial erection, squeezing fairly tight and sliding it to your head, repeating with the other hand. Every 5 or 10 jelqs, milk your penis against the curve, bending it the opposite way as you milk down to your head, This will begin to not only strengthen your shaft, and also help strengthen the wall that’s curving, slowly training it to bend the opposite way.

As you milk down, really concentrate on your penis rebuilding with each stroke. Concentrate on visualizing your penis expanding and straightening every time you milk, taking deep breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. With each breath you breathe in, visualize a ball of energy growing and and expanding in your stomach and chest. Once you cannot breath in any more, exhale and visualize the ball of energy flowing down and out through your penis as you continue to milk strongly. You will find that results will come much faster when you do this.


2. Study:

Can an External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature?

Scientific studies presented at the 4th annual European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research Conference (Rome, Oct. 2001).

Scroppo FI., Mancini M., Maggi M.*, Colpi GM. Andrology Service, Ospedale San Paolo – Polo Universitario, Milano (Italy) * Andrology Unit, Dip. Fisiopat. Clin., Università di Firenze, Firenze (Italy)


Materials and Methods:

Eight patients (age 58.5±5.3 yrs.) affected by Peyronie’s disease, apparently unmodified at least in the latest 3 months and causing penile curvature during erection (PEC), were trained to use a mechanical penis stretcher. None of them complained about erectile dysfunction according to IIEF test, and penile pain. After intracavernous injection of PgE1 5-15 mg to obtain full erection (assessed by both Digital Inflection Rigidometry and palpation), cross scanning of tunica albuginea by duplex sonography, photographs of the erect penis according to Kelami’s projections, and penile diameters and length measurements were performed before and after daily home PS application (at least four hours / day) for 3 to 6 months.

Individual follow-up examinations were scheduled after 3 and 6 months. At the present time, all patients have concluded the 3-month follow-up, and two of them the 6-months’ one.



The coat highest thickness resulted 1.8±0.6 mm before and 1.6±0.3 mm after using the Vimax Extender (n.s.). The septum latero-lateral maximum thickness was 2.2±0.7 mm before and 1.8±0.8 mm after using the Vimax Extender (n.s.). Penile length, dorsally measured from penopubic angle to meatus, was 100.5±27.3 mm before and 104.6±22.2 mm after using the Vimax Extender (n.s.). Photographs showed that PEC decreased from 34.1±4.9° before to 20.0±12.2° after using the Vimax Extender (p&lgt;0.05). The treatment was well tolerated (no severe complication and no drop out occurred).



These results suggest a promising use of the Vimax Extender in selected Peyronie’s patients affected by penile curvature without erectile dysfunction.