This is a popular FAQ about penis enlargement that may answer your questions on natural enlargement programs and penis enlargement pills.

The best penis enlargement method is the one that works for you. Natural penis enlargement, it is the most popular method, because it doesn’t take much cost. Only with less than $50, it gives you a quick results. Many men claim that there is also the penis pumps which work to increased their penis size. Most of these are still being tested, while they are improving all of the time. Surgery is the most expensive one. However, of course you may take this one if you can take the risk and pay for it.

My suggestion is do not expect too much. Many men gain 1-3 inches by taking natural enlargement sites, pills or pumps. Some can get 3 inches and above. But it is better not to aim that high at your first step.


Of course, I don’t want to hurt your most valuable organ! Natural penis enlargement offer you extremely safe exercises. They suggest contacting a doctor before you take the program. If overused, pumps can make you be injured. So remember to buy an established product in order to avoid you from an injury. The current pills and drinks on the market currently have no side effects reported and some of them do work great. It can be another option for you


Exactly NO! Each site may have the same sort of exercises but they have different qualities that can affect the results you get. If there is a site that charges you $40 for a simple text document, it is better to look for another site that have been regarded as the good one by review sites then look at the exact contents on the site. Check how is the design of the site whether it’s well designed or poorly designed. A poor design reflects a bad site, which have no support or real content. Videos and pictures can be regarded as unimportant accessories. But if it clearly shows exactly how the exercises should be done, so you get the better results, there is another thing.


The answer is YES! Some reports have came through on enlargement message boards that many penis pills, which are produced by a big sites such as Vimax Pills™ and ProSolution Pills™, do work. However, many men combine penis pills with natural enlargement methods and get faster results and larger gains. The choice is in your own hand, but try to always go with popular sites, that tell you what their products achieve and mention the ingredients of their products. Many of the products give you a money back guarantee.


Yes, you can. I just want to tell you. You may lose 0.5 inches off that length if you stop using the program that uses weights or stretchers in the long term. While you can get permanent gains if you stop from using a natural enlargement site by having a "cooling down" workout guide, which means you off the program and keeps the results you have gained permanent. Take natural exercises with the pills to get permanent gains.

To avoid you from the scams, take your time making your decision, read the enlargement sites carefully, and see what other sites say about what they offer. The penis enlargement industry is very big and many people have came in ripped off content and design and stuck up their own site which leaves you with no support, guarantee etc. so, be careful!


Don’t be worried! Most sites offer a discrete service for their products. For example enlargement sites will bill you discreetly eg "CCBILL" would appear on your bill. The products such as pumps and pills are all sent discreetly packed and no mention of the contents. They always use secure servers for purchasing.


It is legitimate. Usually the sites let you to try their exercises for 2 months or shorter before you will get the refund. You can get your money back if you get no results after this time. The top sites give longer guarantees and the time to give a refund will be stipulated before. I suppose this is the best one. If the product do not work you can lost nothing because you get your money back.


Some of them can! The top 30 natural enlargement sites all contain information on exercising the PC muscle. This can help you prevent premature ejaculation and ejaculate when you actually want to and can also help with impotence and the prevention of impotence. Actually, some sites have special areas on this issue. Look for PenisHealth if this is your concern.


It depends on you. Ask these simple questions to yourself. Are you satisfied with your penis size? Are you confident naked? Are you confident in bed? If you get NO for the answer, just go for it to improve yourself. Hopefully there are not become problems anymore.