Does penis size matter?

Some women say that they don’t care about penis size. Actually, they really care! They just can’t be honest about it. No matter what the answer is, does penis size matter for you? The answer is yes!

Penis size will affects your performance. When you don’t confident with your penis size, your action and behaviour won’t show your confidence.

Below is what women really think about penis size. There are two women had been asked. The first one is Louisa Hamilton, 27, a successful Accountant, lives in Notting Hill and is single. She has had many partners, over thirty. Her passion is wine and men.

For her sex is a very important part of her life. It is because her job makes her very stressful. Therefore, sex is really help to decrease the tension and stress. She has a high position of power at work that makes her busy and even don’t have time for a relation ship.

So, she needs a man who is really confident about themselves to be taken charge. Many men do not have confidence and the right sizes. She thinks that penis size is very important to satisfy her. There was a man called Tom*, a good looking man she recently slept with, who was lovely. Unfortunately, he had the smallest penis she had ever seen.

He couldn’t satisfy her. Then after their sex, she satisfied her self in the bathroom. However, not all of the men didn’t satisfy her. Even though some of them had a right size and a good performance, it’s not very many. She supposes that men with a larger penis will make better lovers because if they confident with their body, they will be able to satisfy her.

Louisa said that girth is more important than length because for her, the larger the girth is, the stronger it is. A stronger penis will lead to a long performance and a greater satisfaction. Moreover, it will lead a lasting impression.

The second woman is Helen Tatton, 31, a successful Barrister, who also lives in Notting Hill. She lives with her boyfriend of 7 years.

Helen and Paul, the name of her boyfriend, were very happy together without thinking to get married because they were happy with that, as they were. Not everything had been fine. There was something that make them took along time to heal it. It is about sex.

Paul sometimes wasn’t as interested as Helen in bed. She had a greater sex drive than Paul. This influence their relationship. Luckily, they both decided to talk about it and found she found what was the problem. What makes Paul wasn’t interested was that he didn’t feel confident enough with his size. While it doesn’t matter for her. She thought that he was big enough, 6.5 inches of length.

Yet, Paul did something and they couldn’t have sex for 4 weeks, he did exercises at this time to strengthen his penis. He also took the pills. And it worked!